MZ540cc Briggs 42" $2,999

MZ725cc Kohler Pro 700042" $3,299

The direct result of just not knowing any better. Small zero-turn lawn mowers were never supposed to be this well-built, this inexpensive and this much fun. Otherwise all the other lawn mower manufacturers who have been at this a lot longer than us would have already built it—right? Apparently we didn't get the memo and good old-fashioned American ingenuity wins again.


MZ Magnum725cc Kohler Pro 7000 48" $3,399

9MZ Magnum725cc Kohler Pro 7000 54" $3,499

MZ Magnum726cc Kawasaki FR 48" $3,899

MZ Magnum726cc Kawasaki FR54" $3,999

This is the lawn mower the big guys hoped would never see the light of day. Flimsy stamped steel and bolted-together construction is the standard for lawn mowers in this price range. With the rock-solid, all welded-steel construction Bad Boy Mowers is known for, our MZ Magnum is a powerhouse. It's perfect for bringing the efficiency of zero turn mowing to smaller yards. We don't believe homeowners should have to settle for a disposable quality lawn mower and lower quality of cut because of price, and the MZ Magnum compromises on neither.


Avenger 54" with Kohler 725cc engine $4199                                                                                                                         

Avenger 60" with Kohler 725cc engine $4299

Avenger 54" with Kawasaki 726cc engine $4499

Avenger 60" with Kawasaki 726cc engine $4599

We’ve taken the most popular model mower we make and created the best value available for the residential homeowner. The ZT Avenger sports the same build quality and durability of every Bad Boy Mower before it and pairs it perfectly with the power and performance you’d expect, with a price you probably wouldn’t. It’s a one-of-a-kind value when you compare against other mowers at this price. Don’t believe us? Just take a step up on the deck.


ZT Elite725cc Kohler Pro 700048" $4,499

ZT Elite747cc Kohler Pro 700054" $4,899

ZT Elite747cc Kohler Pro 700060" $4,999

ZT Elite 726cc Kawasaki FR48" $5,199

ZT Elite 726cc Kawasaki FR54" $5,249

ZT Elite 726cc Kawasaki FR60" $5,299

Compare the new ZT Elite with any other lawn mower and you'll find there’s no comparison. The same construction from our professional line of commercial mowers is at the core of this zero-turn marvel. 1/2" steel front forks, 2" x 2" tubular steel framing and 7-gauge solid steel deck powered by high-horsepower engines usually reserved for commercial mower models, the numbers all add up to the best value in a residential lawn mower ANYWHERE. With improved SteerTek precision drive, even more robust hydraulic system and over-all upgrades in comfort, operation and drive-ability, the ZT Elite just raised the bar again — on itself.


Maverick747cc Kohler Confidant 48" $5,899

Maverick747cc Kohler Confidant 54" $5,949

Maverick747cc Kohler Confidant 60" $5,999

Maverick726cc Kawasaki FS 48" $6,199

Maverick726cc Kawasaki FS 54" $6,299

Maverick726cc Kawasaki FS 60" $6,399

We created a mower in a class by itself, and a real Maverick. The industry first commercial-grade mower with Integrated Drive System that features our patented EZ-Ride® System. And even better, we brought it to market at a breakthrough price other mower manufacturers thought was impossible. The independent front and rear suspension glides over uneven terrain and puts you in the cockpit of a true Maverick.

                                                                       Outlaw Commercial Series

Outlaw Stand ON 726cc Kawasaki FX 36" $6499  NEW!!!

Outlaw Stand ON 726cc Kawasaki FX 48" $6,699

Outlaw Stand ON 726cc Kawasaki FX 54" $6,799

Meet the newest upstanding member of the Outlaw class of mowers. We’ve taken all the best parts and features of our rugged Outlaw line and applied it to one stand-up performer. With incredible maneuverability, the Outlaw Stand-On is a real workhorse featuring the largest rear wheels on any stand-on for superior traction and stability on uneven or sloping terrain. Its classic 2x2 steel rail frame construction and half-inch front forks make it all Bad Boy through and through.

                                Outlaw Commercial Series

Outlaw Compact 42" 810cc vangaurd $6299

Outlaw Compact 48" 810cc vangaurd $6499

Outlaw Compact 42" 726cc kawasaki fx $6499

Outlaw Compact 48" 726cc kawasaki fx $6699

This popular zero-turn shares the same tough features as other Bad Boy Mowers, with a narrower side-to-side profile that lets it slip into areas that might otherwise be too tight to get to. This gate-entering mower can get in and out of most anywhere, leaving behind a great cut like only a Bad Boy Mower can.

                                                                              Outlaw Commercial Series

Rebel 54"747cc Kohler Command Commercial 27hp $7499

Rebel 61" 747cc Kohler Command Commercial 27hp $7599

Rebel 54" 824 Yamaha 27hp $7899

Rebel 61" 824cc Yamaha 27hp $7999

Rebel 54" 852cc kawasaki fx 27hp $7899

Rebel 61" 852cc kawasaki fx 27hp $7999

Rebel 61" 993cc Vangaurd 36hp $8199

Rebel 72" 993cc vangaurd 36hp $8299

Rebel 61" 999cc Kawasaki 35hp $8899

Rebel 72" 999cc Kawasaki 35hp $8999

Built on the legacy of classic Bad Boy Mower performance and strength, the all-new Rebel Commercial Zero Turn Mower shares the same big-performance platform as our other Outlaw mowers. Featuring large integrated drive systems available across five engine options and three deck sizes, it’s the perfect mix of power professionals demand—and priced at a value homeowners and large landowners have come to expect.

                                                         Outlaw Commercial Series

Rogue 54" 852cc kawasaki fx 27hp $9599

Rogue 61" 852cc kawasaki fx 27hp $9699

Rogue 61" 824cc Kohler Efi 33hp $10,199

Rogue 72" 824cc Kohler Efi 33hp $10,499

Rogue 61" 824cc yamaha Efi $10,099

Rogue 72" 824cc yamaha Efi 33hp $10,199

Rogue 61" 999cc Kawasaki Fx 35hp $9999

Rogue 72" 999cc Kawasaki Fx 35hp $10,199

Rogue  61" 993cc Vangaurd Efi 37hp $10,499

Rogue 72" 993cc Vangaurd Efi 37hp $10,699

From the professional class dual hydraulic pumps and drive motors to our exclusive New EZ-Ride 3-link trailing suspension, the Rogue doesn’t give an inch to our other Outlaw Class mowers—except more deck inch options. Available in sizes from 54˝ to 72˝ with many engine options, you can’t go wrong with the Rogue for professional-class performance and cut. There’s just never been a better zero-turn time to go Rogue.


                                                           Outlaw Commercial Series

Renegade 61" 993cc Vangaurd Efi 37hp $11,599

Renegade 72" 993cc Vangaurd Efi 37hp $11,799

Renegade 61" 999cc kohler Efi 38hp $11,999

Renegade 72" 999cc Kohler Efi 38hp $12,099

There’s simply no better commercial-grade zero-turn mower for the demanding lawncare professional or large acre homeowner. This beast offers the best of everything we’ve advanced in the industry, and all the while, is firmly rooted in the build quality, ease of use and toughness that every Bad Boy Mower before it was built on. There’s just never been more power to comfortably dominate your terrain.

             Outlaw Commercial Series


Renegade Diesel 61" 1100cc Perkins 24.7hp $13,599

Renegade Diesel 61" 1500cc Perkins $15,299

Renegade Diesel 72" 1500ccc Perkins $15,499

There are diesel zero-turn mowers, and there’s the Bad Boy Renegade diesel. Strapping a 1100cc Perkins Diesel engine on our newest lineup of Outlaw Renegade mowers delivers pure longlasting, brute force performance. It’s a combination of comfort, durability and cutting-edge innovation that sets itself apart from any other commercial-grade zero-turn on the turf. Prepare yourself for beast mowed.


179cc FJ Kawasaki Engine Self-Propelled 21" Mower $1099

179cc FJ Kawasaki Self-Propelled 25" Mower $1399

603cc Kawasaki FS541 Available Deck Widths: 36"- 48" Prices Start At $4,699

603cc Kawasaki FS600 Available Deck Widths: 54"  $4,999

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